POSTED: September 26 2017 23:35:53. By Chris Wallis - Manchester Maccabi Cubs 24.09.17

Tornadoes made a great start to the competitive season with an away win at Salford Sports Village. The team came together to display some lovely football with the boys putting together some great passes, which presented numerous opportunities for goals. Rafael, Alex and Charlie demonstrated some good football, which created chances for the team; although there were times when Lewis had to make some strong saves and with the support of Rafael, Jack and Luke, they were able to get the ball back in the opposition’s half. Oliver, Bradley and Theo applied more pressure; showing along with the rest of the team that it was the simple passes that worked well and allowed Charlie to score 2 goals within a period of 10 minutes.

With further great saves from Lewis the opposition were chasing the win, however, with strong defensive moves, including an increase in headers from Luke, Rafael and Harley, further attempts were prevented, yet with this effort, the opposition were still able to pull one back going into half time.

As the second half began the team needed to respond a little quicker to the pressure that was applied, however, they responded well. With Oliver, Adam, Rafael and Alex working up and down the pitch, this provided Theo with a chance on goal and with a strong header the ball hit the back of the net and followed it moments later with another goal taking Beechfield to 4-1. With the game continuing to provide chances for both sides, Beechfield remained strong in defence. As Adam received a strong goal kick he made a great cross into Charlie who took the shot and the score line to 5-1, nevertheless the opposition didn’t give up and were able to draw one back shortly after.

The simple passes and team work were continuing to pay off as Harley crossed the ball into Bradley who increased the goal difference further to 6-2. The final whistle was drawing near, yet both sides were each able to squeeze in a further goal, Beechfield’s final goal came from Jack taking a shot from approximately 30 yards out.

It was a great opening game to the 2017-2018 season, making Man of the Match a tough decision for both parents and coach, however, for the endless amounts of running and perseverance in defence the award went to Rafael.

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