POSTED: October 25 2017 23:09:43. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Swinton Lions 21.10.17

After meeting Swinton on two previous occasions, the team had something to prove having lost both times. The game started and continued at a fast pace as Beechfield created some great chances on goal. The wind was against the team in the first half yet that didn’t seem to reduce the effort and made it an exciting game to watch.

As Jack and Luke battled hard in defence, Rafael was able to send some great balls through to create chances for both Bradley and Charlie. Play continued displaying some strong defensive moves, passing the ball down the wing to Adam for a lovely cross into the box. From an opposing goalie kick, Theo was able to win the ball which was followed by some lovely passing and great running between Adam, Alex, Jacob and Jack both in midfield and defensively.

The opposition continued to battle hard, however, as Harley and Luke made some good interceptions this created opportunities for Alex to pass the ball upfront to apply further pressure. As passing continued, Oliver and Jacob were working well to get the ball through to Theo and onto Alex; however, the opposition were quick to take the ball away applying pressure to the Beechfield defence and Lewis, who with loud vocal chords was able to win the ball.

Jacob remained strong, battling hard in midfield and with strong defensive moves by Jack as well as his fellow team mates; they were able to pass it down the line. The opposition took a chance on goal, however, Lewis dived to push it out, but the pressure was still on and meant he had to be quick to his feet to save it for the second time in the space of minutes. The ball was still moving at a good pace and with interceptions from Rafael; it gave Charlie a chance to shoot.

The wind was with Beechfield in the second half, however, as Storm Brian began to hit there were times when the wind helped a little too much, nevertheless, between Adam, Rafael and Harley they were still able to create chances for Jacob, Oliver and Alex. Shortly into the second half, the opposition were able to score, however, this was closely followed by an equaliser from Alex, who wasn’t content with one goal and scored another moments later!

Lewis came out to clear the ball when the pressure was on, passing it to Theo and Adam who got it to Bradley and Oliver which with further interceptions made by Luke and Harley it created more chances. The game was intense to the point the spectators even wanted a part of the action with the odd header from a parent!

With a corner awarded to Beechfield and the ball passed out wide, Jack was sat in waiting ready to take the score line to 3-1. As the ball was back in play Rafael and Oliver made some lovely passes to Charlie, yet somehow the ball made its way back down to the Beechfield end. However, Luke was there and passed it to Theo who was able to apply more pressure, although there was one occasion where Lewis had to cover the ball and stretch for a high save pushing the ball out for a corner.

Following three consecutive corners to Beechfield, Bradley took a shot, which from a deflection Charlie was able to take the score line to 4-1. Beechfield didn’t stop intercepting the ball and was able to find the feet of Bradley and then onto Harley who took the score to 5-1 as the final whistle blew. There was some fantastic football on display today with the team really working hard, which made Man of the Match a difficult decision as they all deserved one. The award went to Alex Effio for the continued pressure and excellent all round performance.

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