POSTED: October 17 2017 22:07:48. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V. Flixton Panthers 14.10.17

The sun was out today and the team seemed to prefer the weather as they began and continued to show some excellent passing. As Rafael passed the ball to Adam, he made a great run to get the ball to Theo creating a chance on goal, unfortunately the opposition’s defence was too strong. The chances kept coming but they just didn’t convert, nevertheless, we continued to battle which was rewarded as Bradley made a great cross, allowing Charlie to take us a goal ahead. As the opposition continued to fight Lewis had to be ready and with the support of Rafael they were able to clear the ball. As play continued Harley and Luke made some good defensive moves alongside Lewis who came out bellowing his name; clearing the ball up field which led to a Beechfield attack. Bradley maximised on the opportunity, took the shot and Beechfield to 2-0.

Jacob made some good strong tackles, passing the ball to both Oliver and Alex in midfield. As the opposition approached Jacob remained calm and collected, winning the ball and threading it through to Theo, who through perseverance was able to get the ball into the back of the net, extending the score line to 3-0.

Passing continued between Luke, Oliver and with a cheeky back heel from Alex through to Jack, it led to another shot on goal. As the ball was back in play, a corner was awarded to Beechfield, which from a deflection Jacob took the shot and the score to 4-0. As we were first to intercept the ball, Harley and Alex set up Bradley who took the score to 5-0. Charlie battled hard and with a shot from Adam he was unlucky it didn’t go in the back of the net. With chances from the opposition Lewis was strong with his hands and out of his box to pass the ball to Adam and then Alex continuing play.

We appeared to take the foot off the gas for a moment which allowed the opposition to pull one back taking the score to 5-1, however, the team kept their heads up and continued to battle with Luke making a pass to Oliver who was able to make a great run down the right wing and cross it into the box.

At the start of the second half we picked up the pace, Rafael was strong in defence, Charlie, Theo and Jack were working hard in midfield and Lewis continued to come out strong making some of us wonder how he still had a voice left.

As Jacob ran down the line he passed it to Charlie who with the support of both Jack and Oliver allowed Bradley to claim his hat trick and push the score line to 6-1. With a slight lapse in concentration and a slight reduction in passing the opposition were able to sneak two further goals, however, with minutes to go, we were going strong and it was a matter of time before we were able to get a goal. As the final whistle was drawing near, Harley was able to make a cheeky chip over the head of the oppositions goalkeeper to finish with a goal and the score line 7-3.

Man of the match could have been awarded to a number of people on the team so with the help of the parents, the award went to Lewis Wallis for the strong visual and verbal presence he made on the team today.

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