POSTED: October 10 2017 21:14:37. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Salford United 07.10.17

The match this week was a mixture of highs and lows, which against a good opposition and a sluggish start from us it provided them with opportunities to score goals. That said there were some good performances; with strong defensive tackling from Rafael and Jack as well as some controlled distribution by Theo and Jacob in midfield, clearances from Harley and Luke we were able to push the ball up the field. As the first half progressed Lewis came out and made some great saves and continued to do so as Salford applied the pressure. There were chances from Charlie, Oliver and Alex, however, the goals wouldn’t come.

As the second half started we needed to work together as a team and step up to the additional pressure, whilst we were 2-0 down Theo put in a cross to Bradley and took the score line to 2-1, which definitely gave them a boost.
With some combinations from Bradley, Harley, Adam and Charlie, clearances from Jack and Rafael as well as headers from Alex and running from Jacob it was a challenging second half. Oliver and Luke continued to battle with some great saves from Lewis, which included saving a penalty. There were times when we demonstrated some good football as Jacob got himself into a number of good positions to support Adam who was pushing forward with the ball.

There were times we had missed opportunities, which were then followed by further goals by Salford, and whilst disappointing, you can’t give up and have to want the ball to be able to create chances to score goals. Although it was not the final score we would have hoped for it was good to hear the encouragement and moral boost players gave to each other, which is a necessity to stand a chance of scoring goals and working well together.

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