POSTED: October 10 2017 21:11:27. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Flixton Pumas 30.09.17

The Challenge Cup campaign started this weekend where the Tornadoes faced a strong team. With great defending from Alex and Theo nearly scoring from a deflection they were creating a number of good opportunities. With a super shot from Flixton they went 1-0 up shortly into the game placing additional pressure on the team.

With some good running from Harley and combinations played between Rafael and Adam this created a chance for Charlie to make a run passing to Alex who just shot wide. As Luke and jack remained strong in defence, Lewis also made some great saves. Harley continued to push up field with some great footwork from Luke, battling by Oliver, brilliant running from Rafael and Theo, which all helped to prevent further goals.

As half time approached Luke, Harley and Charlie passed the ball well to create a chance for Bradley, who shot and scored. With moments to go before half time and a number of saves by Lewis as well as clearances from Rafael it was unfortunate that Flixton scored as the half time whistle blew.

The second half started better and with more energy as Jack, Charlie, Oliver and Adam passed it around the field this created chances for Theo and Bradley to take a shot on goal that unfortunately didn’t convert. Beechfield continued to place the opposition under pressure with Jack winning the ball, putting together a combination with Oliver and Adam that allowed Alex to take a shot from 25 yards to score an amazing goal, taking the score line to 2-2. Again it was great to see increased headers, a number of strong throw ins that at times left the opposition looking over their shoulders as they shot over their heads!

The team continued to fight for the winning goal, running up and down the pitch giving the spectators whiplash as they were turning their heads from left to right! Then, with what felt like seconds to go, Flixton were able to score moments before the final whistle, which was unfortunate especially after a strong second half performance. Man of the Match was again a tough decision, however, it went to Theo Valentine.

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