POSTED: January 23 2018 20:39:17. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Barr HIll Clubs 13.01.18

The first game of 2018 was underway with Beechfield in possession and within moments began to place the opposition under pressure. Adam made a run, crossed the ball into Alex for Jacob to pick up and pass to Charlie, who made a lovely flick forward and struck the ball, narrowly missing and hitting the cross bar! It was end to end with Lewis coming out of the area to clear the ball. As Beechfield created further chances they were unlucky not to get the ball in the back of the net.

As Jack stepped up to take a corner, Adam was on the receiving end and passed it into the box for Theo, Oliver and Charlie to pass the ball around creating a chance for Alex, but the goal keeper was quick to take hold of the ball. With the ball back in play, Jacob remained composed in midfield and put some good combinations together with Rafael.

The first half continued well as Charlie, Adam and Oliver applied pressure in midfield with the support of Theo, Jack and Rafael in defence. A chance was made available for Jacob; however, the goal keeper was quick to respond pushing the ball back in play for Alex to quickly take and score but was unfortunately disallowed for offside.

The game continued and Beechfield began to tire faltering slightly in defence which allowed Barr Hill an opportunity to get the ball into the Beechfield area. Rafael was quick to get back and intercept the ball passing it back up the pitch to Jacob.

As fresh legs came on the pitch it provided a chance for Harley to take a shot with a cross from Bradley, which the goal keeper was again quick to react to. Luke made a throw in for Theo to collect, passed it to Harley who flicked it up to Jack and onto Rafael who carried on running showing his strength and took a great strike to score.

With further chances from the opposition Lewis made some strong saves and accurate goal kicks towards Luke and Harley allowing play to continue. There were moments when Oliver battled, being pushed back and forth, yet it didn’t stop him coming back strong, winning the ball and passing it onto Bradley. Theo was strong to win the ball back in midfield passing to Jack who carried it further towards the Barr Hill end.

The opposition had and number of chances to score , Lewis made a great save to push the ball away but he had to be back up again quick, although the defence and midfield had tracked back to clear the ball at this point. Barr Hill continued to apply the pressure and as Beechfield’s concentration waivered Barr Hill took the equaliser.

Play began again with Luke gaining possession and passing the ball up the pitch towards Bradley, which just went out for a goal kick, which Harley was quick to intercept and take a shot. There were moments of good football with numerous attempts on goal from Man of the Match Oliver, Adam, Alex and Charlie. Yet in a moment of lapsed concentration Beechfield lost possession, Barr Hill took advantage, scored and the won game with just moments to go.

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