POSTED: February 06 2018 12:29:57. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Deans Tigers - 28.01.18

With kick off just after 11 the rain had stayed off just long enough for the game to get underway. With a Beechfield kick off, Deans were soon to push forward and dispossess Beechfield off the ball. This didn’t deter Beechfield with Adam making a quick interception and play the ball through to Bradley. The defence were quick to close down and send the ball out for a Beechfield throw.

There was a great display of football, Beechfield were creating chances; Jack was quick to take a throw in and with a lovely combination of passes between Rafael, Bradley, Theo, Adam and Jacob it provided Bradley with the chance to strike and score just 5 minutes into the game.

Deans applied the pressure and had a chance on goal which fortunately went straight into the hands of Lewis who made a strong kick out for Theo to collect and make a run. Deans were quick to close him down and intercept the ball. Adam tracked back and with the support of Theo and Rafael they were able to win back the ball to pass it to Charlie and onto Harley going for goal which the goalie was quick to pick up.

With some great crosses in from Beechfield they didn’t always benefit as well as they could as Deans were first to win the ball; however, with challenges from Jacob and Harley they were able to regain possession. This didn’t seem to last long and with a slightly late challenge made against Deans in the penalty area, they were awarded a penalty. In a tense moment they took the shot, Lewis dived and made a great save, but he had to be quick to his feet and dive on it again.

Play continued and the ball was pushed out for a Beechfield corner, Jack stepped up and placed a great ball into the box, unluckily Beechfield weren’t quick enough to finish and it was cleared into the air for anyone to pick up. With the ball in the air it came down for Charlie to control and continue with play. Luke battled hard and made some good challenges passing the ball onto Jack and up to Bradley who played it up for Charlie and Jacob to apply further pressure.

Deans had a couple of throw ins and chances on goal yet with some good defensive moves by Adam and one being picked up by Lewis they quickly reduced the heat. The ball was back in play and with Deans pushing forward Luke challenged and flicked it onto Charlie, which Deans were quick to intercept. Jack was able to push the ball back up the field for Luke to clear yet the ball came back to the Beechfield half, Lewis was quick to come out and clear the ball with Rafael and Theo tracking back to support.

Rafael made a good tackle to pass to Harley and up to Jacob. There was a good foot in from Luke to pass the ball through to Harley who made a run but was unlucky to get caught by the opposition. As the match continued there were signs Beechfield were beginning to tire and as Deans applied more pressure, Beechfield had to find some extra energy from somewhere. With only 10 minutes to go Beechfield had some great chances on goal but they were unlucky not to hit the back of the net, however, as the final whistle blew Beechfield were able to maintain the win. There was a great all round performance today, with a great display of football and every player digging deep to find the extra energy; it was an exciting game to watch. With the help from the parents, Man of the Match went to Jacob Sayburn.

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