POSTED: December 06 2017 23:25:05. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v - Winton JFC Yellow - 18.11.17

It was a mixed performance today, with some tough challenges faced by the team. Each player had to work hard to apply pressure and reduce the chances from the opposition. As Beechfield battled to win the ball, they were able to make some strong challenges to maintain control. However, the opposition were relentless in their counterattack and whilst Jack and Luke applied the pressure to win the ball and pass to Charlie upfront, there were occasions where Lewis had to come out loud and strong to meet the defence and clear for a throw in.

With Bradley ready to run and Charlie battling to win the ball the opposition put the ball out for a throw in which Jack took. From the throw, Adam made a lovely touch to Bradley, then to Theo and onto Charlie. With the ball going back and forth from each end, Beechfield had to be on their toes, as Oliver chased and battle hard, with the support of Luke; Harley cleared the ball on consecutive occasions and was going for a third when Lewis came out shouting, startling Harley out of the way.

Harley made further great clearances with Jack and Rafael providing support if needed. Alex made a number of good runs alongside Theo, who with a flick over the head of the opposition created a chance for Bradley, but it just wasn’t our day for goals. With some good tracking back made by Oliver, Alex, Adam and Theo along with strong defensive moves by Rafael, Jack and Luke, it was unfortunate when the odd one slipped by meaning Lewis had to be there to make some super saves.

As the opposition continued to apply the pressure, Beechfield were there with a counterattack and some lovely passing. Theo was able to chip the ball onto Alex who continued to push the ball up the field. With some questionable decisions, the pressure was on Beechfield to stay strong and unfortunately for Beechfield the opposition were able to take the lead by one goal, with two further chances being disallowed as they were offside.

Beechfield came back creating pressure of their own, with a cheeky back heel by Rafael to Adam as well as some great challenges and chances by Oliver, Luke and Bradley, the opposition had to be quick to intercept. As the game continued so too did the pressure, with a save from Lewis, he rolled the ball out so that between Charlie, Alex, Harley, Oliver, Adam and Rafael they managed to put together a number of great passes and whilst there were a number of attempts to stop Beechfield, Rafael remained strong and was rewarded when he took the equaliser.

Whilst it was one of the more challenging games, man of the match was another tough decision although because his constant perseverance it was awarded to Rafael Silviera.

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