POSTED: December 06 2017 21:29:49. By Chris Wallis - A brilliant game against Fives Athletic - 04.11.17

U12s Tornadoes maintained their winning streak by taking their 4th successive win, which was very well deserved after an outstanding performance by the whole team. The game started at a fast pace with the boys showing their strength and stamina throughout the game.

Chances on goal were coming thick and fast both in the first and second half, although the goals didn’t come. Alex and Bradley were working well in midfield and upfront to create chances for themselves, as well as Jack and Jacob.

Whilst creating chances the boys needed to stay alert ready for the counter attack. Beechfield were able to maintain control with Adam, Jacob, Jack and Bradley showing some great passing skills to push the ball back up the field for Alex to make a great run towards goal, take the shot and the score line to 1-0.

As the ball was back in play there were some strong defensive moves by Luke, Rafael and Theo, with two consecutive clearances by Oliver they were again able to stop the opposition in their tracks, yet when the opposition slipped through Lewis had set off and scooped the ball securely into his hands. Lewis passed to Charlie, which by passing to Alex, Bradley was already running with Charlie coming to meet him and take further chances on goal.

Beechfield’s push forward didn’t come without counterattack as Luke was able to clear the ball up to Theo, Adam was there to battle hard to pass it up to Harley who passed it onto Alex. Theo, Adam and Rafael made some strong throw ins to allow Harley, Luke and Oliver to push the ball up to Alex, with Adam running to maintain control of the ball and pass to Rafael.

Play continued with Luke battling hard for Theo to clear ball up to Bradley but he was just beaten by the gaolie. As the ball made its way to the Beechfield half the defence had to work hard with Luke, Jack, Theo and Rafael making some strong clearances. Moments later Bradley made a run with a chip over the head of the goal keeper, everyone thought it had gone in but the goalie was able to get back to make a great save.

With the ball back in play it went out for a corner to Fives, however, Lewis was there to take the ball, roll it out to Jack, up to Charlie then onto Adam, who through some great running made a great finish, firing the ball into the top of the net and the score line to 2-0. Shortly after Oliver and Rafael were quick to respond in midfield and defence making it difficult for Fives to progress and passed the ball to the feet of Charlie who took the opportunity to take the scoreline to 3-0.

Fives made a counter-attack, although Lewis was there to save the ball and ended up sat down with the ball safely in his hands. With Lewis sending the ball back out into play Harley intercepted the ball and crossed it into Adam and onto Bradley who scored (4-0). There was one final push as Adam, Oliver, Jack and Jacob had further chances on goal, with Charlie even having a go with his face… ouch!

As the game was coming to an end Beechfield were relentless in their effort and the decision for Man of the Match was a tough one, however, for the increased determination it was awarded to Adam Wood.

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