POSTED: September 27 2016 11:41:06. By Oscar Courtney - MOSTON U12 TIGERS V U12 TORNADOES

Saturday 24th September, SSV, KO 10am, U12 Cup.

Drawn against a Division 1 team, in the first round of the Cup, was always going to be a big ask. Although I wasn't at this game (I was looking after the U7 Tornadoes) I've been told by Ricky that the boys did themselves proud against much higher ranked opponents. At half time, we were only 3 - 1 down courtesy of an excellent goal from Will Whipday, via a very quick throw in. The boys being 'on their toes and quick thinking' is what Ricky and I are trying to instill in them!
In fact Ricky forwarded me a text from the Moston Manager saying that his team, Moston Tigers, were "very rattled" by us in the first half! High praise indeed. In fact the Moston Manager went on to reflect the comments of the De La Salle manager; complimenting the boys on their never say die attitude and willingness to keep competing, even though the game was over. So well done lads for giving it a good go and well done Tom Messenger on getting the Man of the Match award. The bottom line is; all Ricky and I want from the lads is good honest effort and to work as a team. To expect them to beat a Division 1 team is probably unrealistic, but to expect them to match a Division 3 side is more realistic. We all know they're good lads, and good footballers, and when they put their minds to it can compete with any team in our division. So, come on lads, lets start to do ourselves some justice! Final score:
Moston Tigers 9 - 1 Tornadoes.

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