POSTED: September 27 2016 10:55:04. By Oscar Courtney - DE LA SALLE U12 REDS V U12 TORNADOES

Saturday 17th September, Lancaster Road, KO 9.15am, League.

This, unfortunately, was one of those games where an early KO saw the Tornadoes half asleep as they fell behind to a very lively and busy De La Salle team. Sluggishness, poor decision making and careless mistakes were all the rage as the Tornadoes got to the half time break 5 goals down.
Thankfully, a vastly improved second half display of guts and courage and bit more endeavour, saw the Tornadoes score a consolation through Alan and keep the De La Salle goals down to a respectable 2 more. But for a bit more luck we could have got another couple of goals but essentially the tie was over by half time. Once again the lesson that the match lasts for 60 minutes failed to be heeded. One aspect of hope though, is that; later on in the day I received a text message from the De La Salle manager congratulating the boys on their attitude during the game. He marvelled at their complete unwillingness to surrender, or give up the ghost. He liked the fact that they chased lost causes. That is something to be proud of, but that effort and desire needs to be applied from the first to the final whistle. Make no mistake this will be a hard division this season. It's competitive football and from what I have seen so far, every one of our competitors has strengthened their squads. Final score:
De La Salle Reds 7 - 1 Tornadoes.

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