POSTED: September 14 2016 12:31:02. By Oscar Courtney - Urmston Town u12 Vipers v U12 Tornadoes

Saturday 10th September 2016, Lostock Fields, KO 11.15am, LEAGUE MATCH.

The Tornadoes took the field, in this SDFL U12 Division 3 encounter, in good heart and full of optimism. With Jamie Butterworth recently made Captain for the Season and all players, bar Harrison Birkett, reporting for duty it was hoped that this would be a great way to get competitive football up and running for the Tornadoes. Sadly an error from the defence allowed Urmston to take an early lead. Un-bowed the Tornadoes started to get their game together and were soon producing some wonderful football! By the half time break the Tornadoes had seen Urmston's goal and raised it one, to be 2-1 ahead at the interval, courtesy of a brace from Alan Kay. The second half again saw the Tornadoes playing the better football and having the lions share of possession. However, that third goal would not come despite Max Chidgey, Sam Jones and Brandon Wabayi all going close. With five minutes to go and with Urmston still very much in the tie a series of 'mishaps' befell us which saw the final whistle blown to indicate a 3-2 defeat for the Tornadoes. Naturally it was very dispiriting to lose in that manner, but we can only pick ourselves up and go again. The result was very harsh but we can console ourselves with the fact that we played the better football and were comfortably in control for most of the game. Final score: Urmston 3 - 2 Tornadoes.

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