POSTED: October 31 2016 10:37:11. By Oscar Courtney - U12 WINTON TIGERS V U12 BEECHFIELD TORNADOES

Saturday 29th October, Cranbrook Road, KO 9am, Friendly.

We played some great football. Some of the passing and movement off the ball was sublime. The link up play between Ronan and Alan was superb. Alan's third goal was an absolute delight. I was practically purring!The passing between Joe Hope and Max was again exquisite and almost lead to a beautiful goal. Brandon's lofted pass to tee up Alan in the first half was a moment of pure beauty....need I go on? I'm sure you get the picture; the boys can do the pretty stuff, they can make things happen, they have no trouble in finding the net. Even, considering how good the Winton keeper was, they still beat him thrice and stretched the Winton defence countless times. Yet, as we saw against Stretford, they can also do the ugly stuff and see a game out. This they didn't do on this occasion! Why not? The answer for me was a lack of discipline, a loss of shape and a inability/reluctance to work harder. I asked the boys, particularly the midfield, to give an extra 10 per cent in the second half. I could see the danger signs. Unfortunately when we went to 3-1 up in the second half, a few thought it was game over. What happened after that was inexcusable. To concede four goals in 15 minutes was an absolute disgrace. I was furious. In fact I still am, 2 days later. How apt that I'm writing this report on halloween, for what I saw on Saturday morning was an absolute horror show! This kind of performance, against a team who haven't won a game all season, must not happen again. It wasn't good enough, especially when I know we can do so much better. Final score:
Winton Tigers 5 - 3 Tornadoes.

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