POSTED: November 07 2016 10:08:04. By Oscar Courtney - U12 TORNADOES V U12 DE LA SALLE REDS

Saturday 5th November, Beech Farm, ko 9am, League.

In my report to the Club's Secretary, about this match, I described the first half as "dismal". Nothing over the intervening two days has altered that perception. Now you might be thinking, I'm being a bit harsh on the boys. For, if you look at the game as a whole, especially the second half performance, particularly the last 15 minutes of the game, there was quite a transformation! Yes, that is true. In the final 15 minutes of the game the Tornadoes were truly magnificent. It was amazing and demonstrated that the boys can compete against any team in this division. Myself and Ricky have never doubted that. The point I'm trying to make is that the boys could and should be competing for 60 minutes in every game. They're cheating themselves and letting themselves down and it's hugely disappointing. I've preached on these pages, many times, that so much of football is in the mind. It's about attitude, determination and work ethic. Losing is infectious and winning is infectious too. In the first half heads were down, we were getting absolutely battered and it looked like no one on the pitch seemed that bothered. At half time Ricky and I were forced to shout at the boys. Who knows if that worked? What I do know is that Sam battled extremely hard to get a goal and from that Brandon (4 goals and MOTM) responded and in turn that lifted Alan (2 goals) and before I knew it all the boys were buzzing and wiping the floor with De La Salle. In turn you could see the panic in De La Salle and the confidence draining from them. With a slightly better first half, who knows, we could have pinched a draw. Basically De La Salle are a top team. They will finish 2nd or 3rd this season and we absolutely rattled them. But, and it's a big but, eloquently made by Ricky, De La Salle kicked off at 9am and we kicked off at 9.45am.
Final score: Tornadoes 6 - 8 De La Salle Reds.

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