POSTED: May 22 2017 11:37:20. By Oscar Courtney - U12 AFC SALFORD JUNIORS V U12 TORNADOES

Saturday 20th May, Eccles College, KO 10am, Friendly.

Jamie had a chance halfway through the first half, after some excellent passing and movement in the midfield. However, he shot too early and failed to get his shot on target. Early in the second half, with us only 2-0 down at this stage, Alan's effort cannoned off the AFC Salford post.

Apart from these two decent chances, I can't remember creating much more than that. The rest of the match was essentially about containment and once AFC got their third our heads dropped and their tails went up.

As I said to the boys, at the end of the match, there are excuses. AFC Salford are a top Division Two outfit and we were playing on their 3G pitch.
However, they worked extremely hard for each other, they competed for every ball, they wouldn't let us settle and they basically wanted it so much more than we did.

Don't get me wrong, some of our boys did put the effort in but as a team we can and should be learning from how AFC Salford conducted themselves in that match.

Ultimately we need to get our heads right, we need to get our attitudes right, we need to have more determination as a team and we have to improve on our physical fitness.

Now that the boys are approaching their teens you can see a marked disparity in physical maturity amongst players. Unfortunately it's a simple and crude fact, in English football culture, that physically fit and physically dominant teams have a distinct advantage. If we can counter that by using our own physical attributes, improving on our technique and pace of play, as well as improving on concentration and attitude, as players as well as a team... then we might do better next season.

Final score:
AFC Salford 7 - 0 Tornadoes.

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