POSTED: May 02 2017 11:36:45. By Oscar Courtney - FLIXTON U12 HAWKS V U12 TORNADOES

Sat 29th April, Wellacre Academy, KO 10am, League.

All too often this season I've used adjectives like dismal, abject, disappointing when describing our performances or displays in matches. However, I can honestly say that none of these terms are applicable to this game. For the full 60 minutes the boys were switched on, alert and ready to compete everywhere!

We may have lost 4-2, on the day, to the team currently second in the division, but we never looked outclassed, or out of our depth, at any time. Indeed, at the end of the contest, the Flixton manager remarked to me that we must be in a false position in the table. He couldn't believe how well we'd pushed his team and in fact they were very worried at half time.

So all credit then to the lads then for putting in the effort! I have to admit to feeling anxious when the match kicked off, as I sensed that we weren't up for it. However, we rode out the early storm and then ultimately the whole shape of the game turned, for me, in one passage of play.

Jamie, who played liked a demon all game, won a 50-50 challenge in midfield. Shrugging off the attentions of a Flixton player he found Ronan, moving to his left. Ronan managed to ward off two Flixton players as he played a well timed through ball to an advancing Alan. Alan, as composed as ever, found himself one on one with the keeper and as always he found the net, to score his 30th goal of the season.

That move, started by Jamie's determination and willingness to battle for his team, not only put us 1-0 up, but imbued the whole team with a sense of belief. From that moment on it was game on and we weren't going to surrender meekly.

And for the rest of the game we competed as equals and although we let 4 goals in, Alan added to his tally after another good assist from Ronan.

Reffing decisions and fatigue ultimately cost us the match, or at least a draw, but Ricky and I were very proud of how disciplined the lads were and how well they played. Ultimately they put the effort in for themselves and each other and that's why this was a proper contest.

Tom M had a superb game and made some great stops. The back 4 were extremely well organised with Joe H and Sam (both filling in) providing notable displays. The midfield of Jamie, Ronan and Brandon worked their socks off and I couldn't begrudge them the odd lapse. Finally, Alan, notched his 31st goal of the season and thoroughly deserves all the praise that he receives. He'd set a target of 30 goals, at the start of the season and he's achieved it!

MOTM though had to go to Tom Williams, who for me exemplified the whole spirit of the back 4 in this game. He made sure they kept their line, he never stopped working, and he made some key interventions to break down Flixton moves. But for Tom W, and the rest of the defensive unit, the scoreline would have been markedly different.

Final score:
Flixton Hawks 4 - 2 Tornadoes.

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