POSTED: March 27 2017 10:24:15. By Oscar Courtney - DEANS U12 PANTHERS V U12 TORNADOES

Saturday 25th March, Ellesmere Park, KO 10am, Supplementary Cup.

Lining up for this match, the second of our U12 Supplementary Cup games this season, the Tornadoes knew that nothing less than a win would suffice, if we were to maintain our interest in this season's tournament.

Arranged in a new defensive 3-3-2 formation, with the middle three designated as 'Defensive Midfielders', the Tornadoes got off to an excellent start playing fluid and expansive football.

Unfortunately though, Deans were to draw first blood when they opened the scoring with a goal from a corner, after about 10 minutes.

The Tornadoes battled on though, only to be put further in arrears, when Deans scored a second from another corner.

At half time the Tornadoes were still very much in the match though and felt confident that the tie could be rescued in the second half. However, this optimism would be short lived when Deans scored again and effectively ended the game as a contest.

Deans would go on to notch up a further two goals, including another from a corner, before Ronan registered a consolation after some good work from Alan.

As I wasn't there I can't comment on the team's performance. I had hoped that the formation, that I had devised, would help to stem the flood of goals that we have been conceding lately. A back 3 with a bank of 3 defensive midfielders in front of them, I had hoped, would be good way of stemming the glut of goals scored against us. Back to the drawing board!

Final sore:
Deans Panthers 5 - 1 Tornadoes.
No MOTM awarded.

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