POSTED: December 06 2016 08:35:23. By Oscar Courtney - TORNADOES V URMSTON TOWN VIPERS

Saturday 3rd December, Beech Farm, KO 10am, League.
Once again an encounter with Urmston Town Vipers proved to be an incendiary experience. So much of this game, and the antics that ensued, left such a bitter taste in the mouth, that I really don’t have the appetite to analyse them. Suffice to say it was quite ugly in parts, but on the whole I think it could have been a lot worse! Thankfully some common sense did break out from time to time and some people did show a measure of restraint. But, guess what? It was actually a decent game of football served up by both teams. Credit then to the lads for putting on a show and not giving up when Urmston raced ahead to a 3-0 lead at half time. Unbowed by the scoreline, and the dismissal of one of their team mates, the second half saw a determined Tornadoes trying to claw their way back in to the match. This they very nearly did when Ronan Courtney and Harrison Birkett both found the net. However, the illusive equaliser never came and the prospect became ever more distant as Urmston notched up another two goals. It really wasn’t to be our day – Brandon Wabayi hit the crossbar and then the post. Tom Williams hit the post. Alan Kay put a hatful of chances either just wide, or straight at the Urmston keeper. Understandable really for a player who’d spent the previous night travelling back from France on an overnight coach. It was all extremely frustrating for everyone involved, but fair play to the boys for giving it a good go. Also, fair play to Harrison Birkett who picked up the MOTM award for scoring his first ever competitive goal for the club!
Final score: Tornadoes 2 – 5 Urmston Town Vipers.

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