POSTED: April 18 2017 13:38:47. By Oscar Courtney - U12 TORNADOES V U12 MOSTON STRIPES

Saturday 15th April, Beech Farm, KO 10am, League.

Where do I start? Probably with an apology.
"Mea Culpa!"

Studying Moston's recent results it was fairly apparent that they'd turned in to quite a free scoring outfit. A far cry from the side that we faced at SSV back in October.

As a precaution, and realising that we're not always blessed with pace in our defence, I elected to shift Ronan and Jamie in to the back 3 alongside Joe M. I'd hoped that we could curtail Moston enough to give us a fighting chance of going for goals in the second half. I'd envisaged that moving Ronan in to the left midfield berth and Brandon on to the right, in the second period, would give us some pace down the flanks, which Sam and Alan could capitalise on.

The best laid plans.... What I had failed to take account of was the supply line from Moston's midfield. Countless through balls or balls over the top, assisted by the wind, just bypassed our midfield and lead to a glut of one on one chances for the Moston striker. Unfortunately for us he was clinical and by half time the match was effectively over as a contest.

I could have and should have recognised this problem and dealt with it sooner. Instead, I opted to wait for half time to re-organise our formation. Big mistake. As I've said the match was over! However, we restructured by shifting to a 3-4-1 formation and moving Ronan and Jamie in to midfield.

Accentuating the positives, the second half was a lot better. However, I can't take credit for that. The boys are the ones out on the pitch and they upped their game in the second period.
They were stronger in midfield, kept possession a lot better and fashioned some decent chances.

Overall, the football produced in the second spell was a more fair reflection of the lads' abilities and they acquitted themselves well by notching 4 goals. This gave the scoreline a modicum of respectability as Alan secured a fantastic hat trick and also provided an excellent assist for Ronan.

Ultimately though I'm the manager and this performance, along with all the other dismal performances this season, is down to me. Try as I might, I just can't seem to lift the boys to the standard required to compete meaningfully at this level. They have the ability, we've all seen it in training, we just can't seem to translate it to the matches. I can only apologise to the boys and their parents and tell them, that I'll keep trying for as long as they want me to!

Final score:
U12 Tornadoes 4 - 12 Moston U12 Stripes.

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