POSTED: April 10 2017 16:03:16. By Oscar Courtney - U11 STORM V U12 TORNADOES

8th April, Beech Farm, KO 10am, Friendly.

In a hastily arranged friendly a depleted Tornadoes met one of their U11 counterpart teams.

Although, the purpose of the match was to give the U11 Storm a test against more physical opponents, it transpired that the Tornadoes probably got more of a test. Faced with speed and intelligent movement off the ball the Tornadoes found themselves 3-1 down at the break.

If I was to be less kind, I'd say that the Tornadoes showed a bit of a defeatist attitude as well as a Laissez-Faire one too! Once again, a lot of the Tornadoes players 'left it to somebody else to deal with'. I'm talking about no one, especially in midfield, taking responsibility, particularly when it's our goal kick. The ball is there to be won and too many players are hiding!!

Thankfully, in the second half, the performance improved greatly and Alan was able to add a brace to Ronan's effort.

As I said to the boys at half time; there's always some nice individual displays in our play. We need to work together better as a team and pass the ball a bit quicker.

Final score:
U11 Storm 5 - 3 U12 Tornadoes.

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