POSTED: October 30 2017 12:18:14. By Phil Hesketh - De La Salle Devils 3-0 Typhoon

Unfortunately we played this game a man down, that would have been hard enough at 9 v 8 but at 8 v 7 there were huge expanses of empty and heavy field to cover.
The boys were up for it again and tried manfully to get over the disadvantage but it was always going to be hard. To keep it down to three was exceptional and was down to the prodigious work rate of Freddie and Man of the Match Joseph. Breaking from deep we had so far to go the attackers were always pretty shattered before getting their shots off.
I believe we would have been quite comfortable on a level playing field, let's hope we get another go at these guys this season. It was even more of a shame as a win here would have broken Typhoon's record.

Please inform me if you can't make the games. It's not fair on me, the team and the rest of the parents.

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