POSTED: October 16 2017 07:30:49. By Phil Hesketh - Prestwich Tigers 1-5 Typhoon

A much better game this week and a good performance from the boys.
I thought we started off very well with the team putting some really good football together, moving the ball round nicely and looking threatening. There are good things happening all over the pitch, Peter's becoming a LOT more vocal, defenders are starting to talk to each other, Cole and Joseph are linking up to devastating effect, and everyone's bringing something to the table. There were goals for Jamie, Ronan, Harley and Sam. On the downside as the boys tired they lost their discipline and started playing like they were playing Cadishead. A massive gap started appearing in-between the defence and the attack and there were times when players switched off defensively, not least when conceding the goal. Still, if we can keep playing this quality while maintaining a bit more discipline then it'll put us in good stead or the next couple of difficult matches.
Joseph was Man of the Match. He's a manager's dream, he puts a shift in every week and adds quality and determination.

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