POSTED: October 02 2017 12:36:34. By Phil Hesketh - Typhoon 4-1 Boothstown Clarets

A welcome win for Typhoon against what's likely to be one of the weaker teams in the division.
Typhoon really didn't start well and we could have been more than one behind, however just before half time we finally started to get stuck in and scored a couple. We managed a couple more in the second half to come away quite comfortable winners.
We still really must continue to work on finishing as plenty of very good chances went begging. There are also issues with how we should be playing and defending. We're not getting the ball out wide enough to hit the opposition with pace and our team discipline needs a lot of work. Pete kept asking me "where's X playing?" or "who's in midfield?" and it was hard to see sometimes. However, all these are things we can work on and the result should give the boys a little more confidence, especially coming from behind.
Congratulations to Cole for winning the man of the Match award for his two goals and aggressive play.

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