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Typhoon 3-3 South Manchester
We changed the venue of this game to South Manchester's artificial pitch to ensure the game went ahead. Reading Lightning's report on the state of our home pitch it probably wasn't a bad idea. However, we struggled to come to terms with the pace of the pitch and with a strong wind against us. Freddie led the defence admirably and without him and Peter things could have been worse then the three goal deficit we went in at half time with. We struggled to play our football or be much in the way of an attacking force.
We had a little chat at halftime and the boys came out with a more combative attitude in the second half and we started to get to grips with the opponents. They'd been putting the ball over the top of our defenders in the first half but found it much harder now they were against the wind. We started to play a little football and Ronan put in a lovely through ball for Daniel to run onto and smash into the net. This gave the boys a little belief and when Jamie trapped a poor kick from their keeper and lobbed him beautifully from almost the half way line it was like a bolt of electricity hit them. It was just all Typhoon for a while and there was no surprise when Charlie got the equaliser. We really looked like we could go on and win it. The equaliser stung them into action too and a properly intense, end to end game broke out, it was like a cup tie. There was one instance when Freddie seemed to take on half their team at the same time and won! We still had the better of it but couldn't nick the winner and then they broke through with seconds left. I feared the worst but thankfully Daniel just got in there in the nick of time.
All in all the draw was probably a fair result, it certainly was a game of two halves, with the second very entertaining from our perspective.
Freddie earned the man of the match performance but plenty of the boys distinguished themselves in that second half.

This team has heart in abundance but needs to use a little more skill at times, especially when things are tough. Too often the ball is just got rid of rather than passed out. We've been working on passing and getting players comfortable on the ball on a Tuesday and we'll just have to keep doing it.

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