POSTED: January 15 2018 12:14:09. By Phil Hesketh - The Sam and Charlie Show

Typhoon 8 - 1 Deans Panthers
Well you're never quite sure what you'll get after a bit of a break. It was a month since Typhoon last played, the pitch was heavy and we had no idea of the quality of the opposition. Luckily we saw an exceptional attacking performance, not only did we carry on the level of recent performances, some of the boys played out of their skins. Sam managed a first half hat-trick on his way to four and a well-merited man of the match award. Charlie took over the destroyer in chief mantle in the second half and bagged a hat-trick for himself, too.
This wasn't a stroll in the park either, Panthers had threatened a couple of times early on but it was two quick goals just before half time, the last from Cole, that saw as take an unassailable 4-0 lead and broke their hearts.
Behind Sam and Charlie, Joseph ran the midfield with an exemplary display of hard work and passing. The three of them were quite simply brilliant and they were backed up by good performances all round. It was a joy to watch and took some of the sting away from the bitingly cold wind. Let's hope the rain stays away for a little and we can get a few more matches in while they're in this form.

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