POSTED: February 13 2018 12:51:19. By Phil Hesketh - Winter is Coming

Swinton Cobras 6-0 Typhoon
This was a miserable experience for us all. Freezing cold, wet and a little windy. We started off OK but conceded a pretty soft goal and rarely looked like hurting them. We switched off before the break and conceded another couple in quick succession. I'm afraid to say that this was a bit much for most and heads went down and we didn't do ourselves any justice until the last few minutes when we finally started playing but squandered two great chances to put a little gloss on the scoreline.
Too many of the boys just didn't want the ball and got rid of it as soon as they could, without looking for a pass and this made us look so poor compared to Cobras. A lack of discipline was also apparent again.
Charlie was exempt from these criticisms, he put a proper shift in, used the ball well and tried to pull the team up by the boot straps.

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