POSTED: February 05 2018 12:49:33. By Phil Hesketh - Mud for it!

Stretford Victoria 3-1 Typhoon
I think that without being too harsh we can admit the pitch was a tad heavy. Still, it was playable except for that bit in the corner. Pete did tell the boys to keep away from it but boys will be boys. Unfortunately we had no subs, which was always likely to be an issue as the match progressed.
Stretford have had a turnover in players, hence their demotion from the top flight but still had some very good ones, who would make the difference in this match. They scored two but gradually our defence started to get the match of their opponents and we started to hurt them. Cole and Dan's pace really stretched them and we were rewarded with a fine Cole finish before the break. We had two other good chances, which unfortunately we made a bit of hash of, that could have even seen us in the lead.
Second half we struggled to make as many chances as the boys tired but huge credit to Joseph in midfield and those at the back to keep battling away to keep us in it. Freddy was organised as ever, Milo put a mighty stint in including taking the attack to them but Harley earned the man of the match performance. He kept his concentration and just battled for everything.
Overall, a good battling performance from the boys. We could well have got a result if we'd taken our chances.

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