POSTED: April 23 2018 16:41:26. By Phil Hesketh - Another win but not enough

Maccabi Phoenix 1-2 Typhoon
A good performance from the boys finally broke my duck against my nemesis. We’ve suffered at the hands of Phoenix before when their star man has beaten us singlehandedly. Well, forewarned is forearmed! We had a chat with the defence beforehand and gave Milo and Freddie the task of shackling him and what a great job they did. Unable to beat his marker or get passes off, he got frustrated and their attack just started arguing amongst each other. This freed Typhoon to really get at them and I was delighted to see lots of fine football as we took them apart down the flanks and created lots of chances. After last week’s glut I was rather hopeful we might add another bucketful but we only managed a rare Joseph strike and another for Daniel to go in 2-0 at the break. It could easily have been 6 or more.
We were still the better team in the second half but again missed a hatful of chances. Phoenix pulled one back from a corner I think. The striker was allowed to control the ball, turn and shoot past about 3 stationary Typhoon defenders. We’ve talked about this ad nauseam with the boys but it still hasn’t sunk in. This led to a very nervous last quarter of an hour with the prospect of throwing the game. Thankfully Peter wasn’t troubled too much and we saw it out.
Some of our play, especially through man of the match Joseph was excellent but we need more end product.
This has been the Achilles heel of the team and with other results going against us has seen us fail to progress in the cup. Missed chances could easily have cost us in this game and the derby, both won 2-1, and did in the 3-2 defeat to De La Salle. It’s frustrating and such a shame for the boys as I thought we were comfortably the best team in the group. You have to take your chances, end of! A couple of the boys are in horrible scoring runs, their play outside the box is great but you can see the confidence drain as they pull the trigger.
Still, so long as we continue the current improvement in performance we can look forward to the rest of the season.

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