POSTED: September 10 2016 18:05:47. By Chris Wallis - Moorside Rangers Green v Beechfield Tornadoes

For the first game of the season the sun shone for the team. With 10 players, the introduction of the offside rule, a bigger pitch and goals, it was a little like stepping into the unknown. It took them all a few minutes to get out of the starting blocks, which saw Moorside take the lead. Beechfield then seemed to wake up with some great passing moves. As a result and with strength and continuous effort both in midfield and defence saw Theo’s effort rewarded with a deserving goal. Even with a sore foot, Adam didn’t let it stop him just missing a first time shot on goal from the edge of the box.

Moorside came back and after being rewarded a penalty, this saw parents on the edge of their seats (if they had them). Lewis made a great penalty save, with a little help from his cap, and continued to come at the opposition big and strong stopping some potentially good goals. Luke on his debut performance made his presence known assisting the team in clearing the ball when it mattered most.

Charlie and Bradley took on the role of playing up front really well and although upfront, they both worked hard to drop back to support the midfield and defence when it was needed. Harley took advantage of a great pass, scoring in the top left corner and with a goal from Bradley allowed us to take the lead in the first half.

The larger pitch and having only one substitution started to tell a little in the second half but the team continued to press forward, even with a few weary legs. Raphael, on his debut performance, had a chance on goal and took it, taking us further into the lead. Oliver continued to battle hard making it difficult for Moorside to win the ball and again coming close to scoring. Jack, captain for the match, had a solid game supporting and leading the team from both defence and midfield.

After a great performance from all the team it was a tough decision for Man of the Match, however, with a faultless performance playing in midfield, scoring and strength in defence to help prevent further goals saw it go to Harley Kirk. Overall, it was an impressive victory to the start the season, well done boys.

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