POSTED: October 29 2016 19:57:12. By Chris Wallis - U11 Tornadoes V Winton JFC Blue 29.10.16

It was a soggy Salford morning for our second cup match with no substitutions and an earlier kick off it seemed to take the boys a moment to wake up and saw the opposition take the lead. With no lack of determination we applied the pressure and with some good attempts on goal by Charlie and Adam as well as some great running and chances from Raphael the goals did not want to come. Strong clearances from Oliver, Harley and Luke saw us fend off further pressure, however, the boys did not give up, with further running from Raphael and an accurate cross from Oliver saw Charlie take the score line to 1-1 going into half time.

The second half started as the first finished, full of energy and strength from the whole team. There were further attempts on our goal, however, the team tracked back and with some lovely running and showing his strength at the back, Theo was able to make some great clearances. As the front runners from the opposition tried to sneak through the midfield and defence, Theo and Raphael appeared to make the necessary clearances. While further attacks were made Oliver battled hard giving 110% even with one shoe for a time!

Lewis was in play and rolled the ball strongly to Harley, who passed it down the line to Bradley where he was able to cross the ball to Charlie who launched it into the back of the net. Bradley pressed for a goal and took a shot which rebounded to the feet of Adam who hit it with conviction into the back of the net. While the ball seemed to fly from one end of the pitch to the other, we remained strong limiting the chances for the opposition to score, opening up chances for our own players and seeing Charlie flicking it over the goalie to score his second hat trick in two games.

As time passed, contenders for Man of the Match changed one minute to the next due to the undoubted effort from every member of the team today. However, after another hard decision Theo earnt Man of the Match showing great strength and ability in preventing the ball advancing down the pitch towards our goal. Another outstanding performance boys today, well done.

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