POSTED: October 22 2016 19:07:33. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v AFC Monton Dynamos 22.10.16

For the first Cup game the boys came out strong and after only 5 minutes into the game Charlie took us ahead, out skilling the defenders and belting the ball into the back of the net. With some lovely passes down the line from Adam to Bradley they were pushing for more, however, the opposition didn’t give up, meaning strong interceptions and clearances from Harley, Jack, Oliver and Theo were needed both from defence and midfield, as well as strong shout outs from Lewis, reducing the opportunities the opposition had to convert the challenges.

With just 15 minutes gone, Charlie took further advantage of a rebound taking his second of the match with an excellent goal, which was shortly followed by an own goal. As those in midfield created some lovely chances this allowed Raphael to take a great opportunity to shoot and score! What followed was a little like watching ping pong, with some great tracking back from Oliver and Luke to clear the ball, the opposition pushed back taking the score line to 4-1. Beechfield dug deeper giving Bradley the chance to score a super goal taking the score line to 5 -1 going into half time.

As we started the second half there seemed to be a lapse in concentration which allowed the opposition to take advantage and score 2 goals, however, not allowing their heads to drop they woke up and with a strong run and cross in from Adam he took the score line up to 6-3. With further pressure and chances from Charlie and Theo it was only a matter of time before another one came. With only 4 minutes to go Jack took a solid free kick, which rebounded to the feet of Theo who struck the ball cleanly, nestling it into the back of the net. Just when we all thought the score line was set, Theo crossed a further ball in for Charlie allowing him to finish the game with his hat trick and earn Man of the Match, which again had many contenders.

With an outstanding attitude and performance to what was at times a challenging game, the team pulled together and allowed the football to do the talking. Well done boys another great performance and thank you to all the parents for helping with the nets.

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