POSTED: October 16 2016 21:49:08. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V South Manchester Lions 16.10.16

After a busy weekend fitting in a friendly as well as the match both produced winning results, the friendly acting as a good warm up for the game today. The whistle blew and only 4 minutes in we were awarded a free kick just outside the area, which Jack stepped up to take. With one of Jack’s usual bullets at goal and a slight deflection put us in front. The team continued to push and make advances with Luke and Harley showing some great strength to clear the ball covering a lot of distance up and down the pitch.

With continued pressure, as well as rebound after rebound from Charlie, Bradley and Theo, the ball didn’t want to hit the back of the net. With non-stop running and great pressure from Adam, Oliver and Theo in midfield, this allowed opportunities for both Charlie and Bradley to run and come close to increasing the score line. After a further great pass Bradley was able to convert this into a goal.

Having recharged on oranges at half time, the team came out fighting for more goals, however, the opposition applied pressure and they were able to pull a goal back. This didn’t stop the team from demonstrating their much improved passing skills and allowed Bradley to score his second of the game. With a goal kick from the opposition Bradley saw an opportunity and took it, scoring a hat trick taking us further ahead.

The defence was strong minimising the opposition’s advances with Jack, Raphael and Harley continuing to run push hard and also impact midfield. However, when attempts were made on goal Lewis was able to make a number of good saves. Raphael had some good attempts of goal and Jack continued to run tirelessly and appear when it mattered. As we conceded a further goal the team had to work hard to make sure they remained motivated, which they did and had other chances on goal, with Theo just missing what would have been an excellent header. As Jack opened the game with the goal he took the opportunity to finish the game with a further goal having only minutes to spare.

With a further improved team performance today, Man of the Match continues to be a difficult decision, however, due to the determination and tireless effort it went to Jack. Well done boys another great game.

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