POSTED: November 27 2016 21:27:57. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Monton Dragons 26.11.16

Today’s match was a story of two very different halves; the first leaving us 2 nil down at half time after some unfortunate decisions made against us and at times only glimmers of drive, we had work to do. However, with some great moves from Oliver, Harley, Raphael, Luke, and Theo, the whole team found the energy needed to come back fighting.

In the second half they were a different team again, with great passing from Bradley, Charlie and Raphael, as well as some strong battling between Adam and Oliver created opportunities on goal. We were awarded a penalty which Bradley took and with a great save, saw Charlie fly in to take the rebound and the score line to 2-1. As we continued to apply the pressure Raphael showed strength and determination which was rewarded with an equaliser.

With the second half displaying some superb passes they looked like Barcelona at times!! Although this wasn’t without continued pressure from the opposition and without any substitutions the team had to and did a superb job to maintain the work rate. With further clearances from Luke and Theo, strong saves from Lewis and great chances made possible through some solid passes from Harley, it was Adam who, from almost the half way line took the opportunity to run, make a brilliant shot and score, taking Beechfield 3-2 into the final whistle.

With a great work rate, tracking back and the drive to run over almost every part of the pitch saw Raphael take Man of the Match. Well done boys.

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