POSTED: November 12 2016 21:33:34. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Winton JFC Yellow

It was touch and go whether the match would go ahead today with the rain overnight, however, we managed to get a game. Having moved to a different group and the proposition of facing new challenging teams meant the team had to be on their toes on a very sodden pitch. Going a goal down shortly into the first half, Beechfield had to pick themselves up and push back with some good attempts from Oliver and Bradley. With further good saves from the opposing goal keeper we were unable to draw level. The opposition continued to apply pressure and with some good saves from Lewis as well as great team work from Raphael, Luke, Jack and Harley meant the score line didn’t increase any further. With some great footwork from Adam as well as some super passing between Charlie and Bradley saw Charlie bring the score line level.

Going into the second half, the half time team talk seem to get them all fired up with some super passing and ‘give and go’ becoming the saying. Facing a team that were more physical than others we have encountered meant it was challenging for us at times, however, it also saw Theo, Raphael and Jack make some strong tackles, with Theo receiving praise from the referee for his physical but fair tackle. Raphael had some great chances on goal and although just missing out he didn’t give up, always chasing the ball looking to be the first one there. As such, Raphael earned himself Man of the Match after producing a deserving performance, well done.

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