POSTED: November 06 2016 13:36:34. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Flixton Panthers 05.11.16

After heavy rain overnight we arrived to a pitch that could best be described as quagmire making standing up difficult at times, however, this didn’t stop the boys from producing an outstanding all round performance.

As the boys adapted to the wet and heavy going pitch there was some great passing and with a lay off from Bradley to Charlie, Charlie was able to get his first goal of the match. Shortly after and following a hand ball we were awarded a penalty, which Jack stepped up to take powering the ball into the back of the net. The opposition pushed back and when up against a player nearly double his size Luke battled hard making some strong clearances preventing any advances towards our goal.

With continued passing and determination Adam and Theo had further attempts on goal but they did not want to hit the back of the net. As the ball made its way to our end of the pitch looking like it could create a problem, Luke appeared again to save our bacon making a strong interception. Continuing to battle, Theo was able to pass the ball through to Bradley who was able to take the score line to 3-0. Following a kick off the ball travelled to our end of the pitch going out for a goal kick, subsequently leading to a three touch goal as Lewis passed the ball to Jack who launched it up field to Theo, who again after some great running powered the ball into the back of the net as we went into half time.

Starting with the same enthusiasm the boys continued to run, creating great chances and with lovely crosses and tracking back from Oliver and Raphael this allowed the team to take the score line to 5-0 as Bradley was able to lay off the ball to Charlie who scored his second of the game. All the boys continued to apply pressure and with all looking to increase the score line Harley was the one who slotted it into the back of the net.

With continued effort it was hard at times to keep up with the speed of play. As Harley passed the ball, Oliver was able to take his first goal of the match and with some accurate kicking from Lewis in picking out his team mates allowed Charlie to take his hat trick. There were some interesting decisions when offside was called as Adam attempted to make his advances, however, this didn’t affect the boys keenness to get more goals with Raphael making some strong defence and mid field challenges led to Jack taking advantage of an open goal, followed by Bradley scoring 4 minutes later and Charlie taking his fourth of the match some 4 minutes after this finishing the match 11-0.

The whole team pulled out another great performance making Man of the Match another difficult decision so seeking help from the parents they were asked to vote, however, there were mixed responses and a lot of sitting on the fence as they wanted to give it to the whole team!However, showing great determination in defence and an great individual performance the award went to Luke Moss.

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