POSTED: March 19 2017 21:26:47. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Swinton Lions 18.03.17

We were unsure whether we would need a canoe or a football for Saturday's match as the rain came down overnight. Fortunately we were one of the lucky few to get a game on a reasonable pitch except for the one puddle in the goal mouth!

The boys started strong with a great pass from Bradley onto Charlie who was able to score taking us ahead after only 4 minutes. With other attacking chances made possible by Theo and Charlie as well as strong tackles from Raphael and Luke, this allowed us to progress into the opposition’s half. The opposition came back strong with some brave challenges from Lewis; he was able to stop them in their tracks. With plenty of running from Theo he took advantage of an open goal and took us further ahead.

Jack and Harley continued to show their strength in defence making some great passes to Jacob, Oliver and Adam who were able to pass it further up field. Some, however, did slip through but Lewis was quick to come out and take the ball with conviction. With the team showing great strength and some good passing skills, keeping calm and taking the time needed to control the ball, allowed us to demonstrate some good football. Nonetheless we had to stay awake as Swinton were quick to take advantage, which they did just before half time as they drew one back.

With the wind now in our faces we couldn’t predict what might happen in the second half! The boys came out with continued strength as Lewis made some strong kicks up field and with Adam, Luke and Jack battling hard with the support from Harley we had the potential of a further goal. With some lovely skills as well as passing from Harley, Jacob and Oliver, this provided Charlie with the chance to pass it nicely onto Adam who took a shot and the score line to 3-1.

With further challenges by the opposition a chance came for them to take a corner and with a great stretch from Lewis he was able to knock it over the top of the net. Through continued team work we opened up further opportunities, one more so for Raphael which allowed him to take us further into the lead at 4-1.

After an offside decision in the oppositions favour, this led to a You’ve Been Framed moment. As Swinton took a quick free kick, this hit the back of the referee’s legs and, as most of the players on the pitch from both Swinton and Beechfield froze wondering what was happening, Theo was spritely enough to realise the ball was still in play running directly for goal and as the goal keeper was still scratching his head, he rolled it into the back of the net, finishing the game on 5-1.

There were some great Man of the Match performances yet again, however, with the help of the parents this week Man of the Match was awarded to Lewis Wallis for a brave and strong performance in goal. It was a great game from both sides showing great team spirit amongst each other and also with the opposition. Well done boys.

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