POSTED: March 13 2017 23:51:46. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Fives Athletic 11.03.17

It was great to see the sun was out for the first game in a couple of weeks and Tornadoes were ready to give the opposition a good game. The game started at a great pace seeing chances from the outset and with some great passes by Adam, Charlie and Harley, as well as battling from Jacob, Oliver, Bradley and Theo it was only a matter of time before one team were going to score.

After 15 minutes into the first half Tornadoes went 1-0 down, however, the boys continued to fight for the equaliser and just a minute later, with some great battling from Raphael, Jack and Luke they were able to get the ball back up the field and equalise with a great strike from Bradley.

As Fives took advantage of a strong free kick, this allowed them to take the lead, however, the boys didn’t give up, with some good saves from Lewis as well as great passing from the team, Adam was able to pass the ball on to Bradley, who then crossed it into Charlie and, after a minute of Fives going into the lead Charlie equalised! As half time approached the boys continued to push for another goal and it was unfortunate the further goal went to the opposition as the half time whistle blew.

The second half started at the same pace and with some lovely play from Oliver, Jacob and Harley this presented more chances, which were saved by the opposition. With continued saves from both goalies, clearances from Jack, Luke and Raphael in defence, a lovely header from Jacob, as well as Lewis making some great clearances, both sides continued to apply pressure. Within a matter of minutes Fives took a further goal, extending their lead to 4-2, however, it didn’t end there as shortly after Theo brought the score line to 4-3 with a great shot.

In no time the score had increase to 5-3, however, Tornadoes still had some fight left in them bringing the score line to 5-4 with some fantastic running and a goal from Bradley, which he then followed up by another to take his hat trick and the score to 5-5. With end to end excitement, it was unfortunate with minutes left the opposition took the lead and ultimately the match.

It was a evenly matched game that made it exciting to watch. The decision for man of the match was another hard choice especially with the effort all the boys had shown, however, the award for Man of the Match went to Bradley.

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