POSTED: February 12 2017 10:48:44. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Moorside Yellows 11.02.17

What is always a fairly even game, Moorside didn’t fail to challenge us through out and with no substitutions the boys had to find some extra juice from somewhere.

The game started at a fast pace and set the scene for what was to become a game of great passing and an end to end performance from both sides. With Adam and Bradley showing some great skills down the left wing, opening opportunities for Charlie, the pressure continued meaning Raphael, Jack and Harley were crucial in clearing the ball and minimising the chances the opposition had. As the ball went out for a corner Jack stepped up, making a strong pass in to Oliver who maximised and shot the ball into the back of the net, which was even better considering he hadn’t been feeling 100%.

The boys didn’t hold back with Adam attacking and taking a second goal only 15 minutes in. The challenge now was for the boys to maintain concentration, which they did by continuing to apply pressure and with further attempts we showed how well it could work when we passed and moved. With a lovely corner, Theo was there with a strong attempt on goal which just went over the top. However, with a slip of concentration and not getting back into defence quick enough Moorside took advantage bringing the score line to 2-1 going into half time.

As the second half started it looked a little like the boys were having a mid-morning snooze and saw the opposition equalise, however, the boys picked themselves up and started to play as they had in the first half. With further strong clearances and passes from midfield and defence, there was a couple that slipped through and meant Lewis had to make a great save with his big toe! As the ball was passed around and the boys kept their cool, there was a further corner with Bradley showing us his acrobatic skills with an overhead kick, that was inches away from going in. The team worked tireless to open up further chances seeing Charlie and Bradley, take their chances and finish, taking the score line to 4-2 into the final whistle.

It was an excellent game today and with no substitutions the boys played hard, meaning many were in the running for Man of the Match, however, with his tenacious battling, quality passing and strong defensive position the award went to Harley Kirk.

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