POSTED: February 07 2017 21:10:30. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Swinton Tigers 04.02.17

For the first game after the winter break the pitch presented some challenges, in places seeming more like an ice rink than a football pitch!

The team started strong with some lovely passing and strong defensive work from Harley, Luke and Jack. With a number of great passes creating opportunities for attempts on goal saw us apply the pressure early in the game. With continued battling from Raphael, Jacob, Adam and Oliver in midfield, saw further openings for shots on goal. On one occasion, Oliver and Theo battled hard to win the ball and pass to Bradley who crossed it into Charlie allowing him to hit the ball straight in the back of the net.

The opposition didn’t stop applying the pressure meaning the team had some tracking back to do to avoid an equaliser. As we applied the pressure and created some great opportunities they were cut short as we were caught a number of times offside, Swinton had it mastered. As Swinton applied the pressure this created challenges for Lewis who made some good saves. However, with continued energy Swinton were able to equalise just before half time.

The second half continue with us applying the pressure and almost everyone from midfield and upfront taking a shot on goal. With a free kick given just outside the box Jack belted the ball with the usual power, which saw an incredible save from the opposition sending the crowd wild!

As the game progressed we came under pressure, with a questionable corner awarded to Swinton they took a shot which was saved, however, Swinton took the rebound taking a second goal. With minutes to spare we tried to make a comeback but it wasn’t meant to be this week and while the boys were disappointed they played some good football, in what was an evenly matched game. Awarding Man of the Match was a difficult decision and could have gone to a number of the team; however, after trying effortlessly throughout the game, the award went to Oliver. Well done Oliver.

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