POSTED: April 29 2017 21:14:59. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Fives Athletic 29.04.17

With the season soon coming to an end the team came out really well to produce some great passing between Charlie and Harley, along with Jacob and Adam. With chances from the opposition Jacob, Rafael, Luke and Jack remained strong in defence and, when required Lewis did well to come out strongly and make an excellent save. After just 15 minutes Jack took a free kick, which landed at Adam’s feet and with a cross into Charlie he took the score line to 1-0. The opposition applied the pressure and after just minutes they equalised, however, Beechfield didn’t give in, playing the offside rule well, continuing to pass and with great running again from Charlie he took us into the lead with another great goal.

It was end to end stuff with our heads constantly on a pivot following the ball up and down the pitch and within moments of taking the lead our opponents were able to equalise! We continued well with Theo making some good challenges and passes in midfield up to Bradley and Harley; it was an intense game to watch from both sides, which only increased when Bradley took the ball, crossed it into Jacob who scored taking us to 3-2. Fives applied further pressure taking a solid shot on goal; however, Lewis standing firm cleared the ball and won a free kick. Rafael was powerful in tracking back to defend very well alongside Luke, who was able to pass the ball onto Theo. At this point Bradley was running for goal and for a time he appeared to be squashed in between two defenders, however, he stayed strong took the shot and scored taking us to 4-2 at half time.

As the second half started where the first half ended Jack, Charlie, Harley, Adam and Jacob were able to pass the ball between each other so well it produced more chances. With passes from Rafael and Luke up the pitch to midfield we were trying to increase the score line further and with the increased pressure the team had to keep their cool with Lewis making a further good save. As the ball went out for a corner, Jack drove the ball into the box and with Theo ready, he took the shot and scored taking us to 5-3.

Our opponents remained strong and in the last 10 minutes they took advantage of what appeared to be tiredness creeping in and we were level, then with 4 minutes to go and a slight slip in concentration they took the lead and no matter how hard Beechfield tried the equaliser wouldn’t go in and the final whistle blew. Whilst disappointing, it was filled with end to end action, highs and lows as well as times when we showed some great football in every position on the pitch.

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