POSTED: April 17 2017 21:44:01. By Chris Wallis - Monton Dragons -v- Tornadoes

With only 8 in the team today and as the sun shined the boys had some work to do, however, they played an exciting game. We started well with Luke and Rafael making some good clearances and tracking back to stay strong in defence. Following this Bradley, Harley and Oliver showed some lovely football, which allowed Oliver to take a great shot and the score line to 1-0. Lacking the extra man our defence had to remain strong with some solid clearances from Adam, Theo, Rafael and Luke.

With the ball landing in the hands of Lewis he was quick to take a solid kick to take advantage of the gap up field. Bradley took the ball and worked hard to get the ball to Oliver who took his second shot on goal, with a great save the rebound landed at the feet of Harley who was quick to take the second shot and the score to 2-0 after just 15 minutes.

The second half continued with some great passing between Adam, Harley and Theo, however, the sun was beginning to take its’ toll, nonetheless, there was continued effort by the whole team with some super running from Rafael and Theo especially as we went down to 7 men for a short time due to injury. As the opposition brought the score line to 2-1, we continued to apply the pressure and with a good clearance from Lewis, Theo, Adam and Oliver assisted in getting the ball to Bradley who volleyed the ball, which hit the cross bar off a defenders head. The ball fell back to his feet , he took a shot and scored taking it to 3-1. With moments to go the opposition were able to slip one past finishing the game on 3-2.

Given the team were a person down today the team did a brilliant job, making man of the match another tough decision. However, demonstrating a captain’s performance remaining strong and covering some distance over the pitch, Man of the Match went to Theo Valentine.

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