POSTED: April 04 2017 22:23:25. By Chris Wallis - Barr Hill Aces v Beechfield Tornadoes 01.04.17

Entering the quarter final for the Challenge Cup, we knew it would be a tough match. As the match kicked off the boys played really well to meet the challenges faced by the opposition. With lovely control from Harley and strong tackles it was turning out to be an interesting match with a good save from Lewis, we were doing well to hold our position. As we went 1-0 down, our heads remained high with continued clearances and strength from Jack in defence with some great support from Rafael in tracking back.

With another ball coming on the pitch this didn’t distract our players showing the concentration from each of them. We continued to battle as Oliver challenged the opposition, Bradley tackled well; the team were playing better as a unit. With the score currently sitting at 2-0 we demonstrated some great passing between Jack, Theo, Jacob and Adam allowing us to make attempts on goal. With Jacob heading the ball twice he was showing his strength in winning the ball both in midfield and defence, the pre match talk from his dad was obviously working!! As Bradley took a corner the ball didn’t want to go into the net with chances from Harley, Charlie and Theo.
Both Charlie and Oliver showed some great play in passing the ball up the field following strong clearances from Luke and Jack. As the ball was headed it up field to Adam this allowed Charlie a great chance on goal and ultimately took the score 2-1 as we went into half time.

Starting the second half we had an unlucky offside decision and allowed the opposition to take the score line to 3-1. As our midfield and defence were relentless in their effort, Jack, Jacob and Rafael showed great strength with the whole team showing we hadn’t given up. There was some great passing with Theo staying strong, Luke clearing the ball when it mattered, Rafael continuing to show his strengths in supporting those in defence and when they did creep passed Lewis was there to come out of his net to clear the ball for a throw in, allowing us time to track back. Oliver also showed the running on a Wednesday night was paying off!

This week’s Man of the Match was a difficult and a close decision as all players gave 110%, everyone should be really pleased with their performance. However, with the strength and consistency in defence the award went to Jack Fitton.

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