POSTED: April 04 2017 22:20:56. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Moorside Yellows 25.03.17

This was the third game in the Supplementary Cup Challenge Tournament, which was going to be a competitive game and could go either way. After 11 minutes we were 3-0 down and needed to work hard to pull this back. With a good save from Lewis , running and battling from Charlie and Rafael we hadn’t give up. With continued effort and the defence pushing the ball up to, Bradley and Charlie the goals didn’t want to come and we still had to defend strongly, with some good clearances from Jack and Rafael.

As we pushed up there was a save from the opposition after a shot on goal from Bradley, however, they weren’t ready for the rebound and Adam took advantage taking the score line to 3-1. With our defence and midfield staying strong there were some good clearances from Jacob, Theo, Luke and Harley and as we received relentless pressure, Lewis saved a number of shots on goal.
Following half time there was some brilliant headers from Jacob and Theo. As the boys were settling into the second half we had an off the pitch You’ve Been Framed moment as springer spaniel showed his strength in escaping!! As the parents refocused their attention towards the match Luke tracked back with a strong cross from Harley, passing the ball round the pitch to Adam who was showing some great running and battling to clear the ball. With some lovely pressure from Theo, Adam and Harley as well as passing by Jacob, Jack was able to pass to Adam who took the score line to 5-2.

The game was a mixture of ups and downs with everyone feeling there were areas that had they played differently it could have impacted the result. Nonetheless, the boys made some good attempts to pull the result back.

Man of the Match this week went to an individual who showed relentless running and battling, as well as being responsible for the two goals the Man of the Match this week went to Adam Wood.

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