POSTED: May 16 2016 10:51:34. By Oscar Courtney - U11s Tornadoes v Winton Wanderers Orange

Saturday 14th May 2016, KO 10am.

After the elation of the performance against Urmston Town Vipers, the previous week, great things were expected from this home tie against Winton Wanderers Orange. Unfortunately, the Tornadoes were unable to keep the momentum going in this, the penultimate home game of the season.
Once again the Tornadoes were hampered by absences with Joe Hope, Harrison Birkett and goalkeeper, Tom Messenger, all away on a school trip. Playing 'downhill', in the first half, the Tornadoes failed to capitalise on a couple of early chances.
However, things were about to get worse when shortly after this Winton took the lead from a corner, after the Tornadoes failed to clear the ball in the four yard box. From then on the Tornadoes were second to every ball, lost the midfield battle and rarely strung any more than three passes together. Sadly, the Tornadoes' energy, attitude and work rate were second best to Winton and we were duly punished another five times. To be fair, some players like Will, Jamie, Alan, Callum and Sam shone on occasions but it wasn't enough, especially when other lads just didn't get going. All in all it was a terribly disappointing morning, coming after the highs of a comprehensive victory against a very good Urmston side, the previous week. The Urmston game proved that the boys have the potential to be a really great side, when they want to be. They've got the technical ability and the team ethic and they've clearly demonstrated that they have the experience, work rate and attitude to win a match. That for me is the most frustrating thing. Obviously that has to be balanced with the fact that they are only 11 year old boys, learning the game. So, it's a steep learning curve and a lesson well learned for us all I hope! So much of football is in the mind; it's about attitude, work rate, effort, team ethic and decision making. The boys have shown that they have those ingredients in place to make a winning formula. Let's get back on track for the next match!

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