POSTED: March 14 2016 11:29:43. By Oscar Courtney - FRIENDLY: Barr Hill Clubs v U11 Tornadoes

Saturday 12th March 2016, Beech Farm, KO 12pm.

Although this U11 Supplementary Cup game was to be played at Summerville Road, the game had to be called off due to the Clubs' pitch being badly cut up by grazing horses! With the game being postponed by the Referee, who had another engagement, the match was subsequently moved to Beech Farm, to be played as a Friendly. Eventually we got going about midday with Ricky, our Assistant Manager and Joe, the Barr Hill Manager, reffing a half each. In a change of pattern the Tornadoes elected to play 'downhill' in the first half. This tactic saw the Tornadoes enjoying the lions share of possession. Countless chances were created as the Tornadoes passed the ball round superbly, with Ronan Courtney, Joe Mountcastle, Sam Jones and Brandon Wabayi all going extremely close. Eventually the Tornadoes pressure paid off when we were awarded a penalty after Jamie Butterworth was tripped in the penalty box. With nominated penalty taker, Max Chidgey, on the bench at the time Jamie bravely stepped up to smash a fantastic shot, high in to the top left hand corner of the net. The second half saw the Tornadoes continuing with their passing game which meant the Clubs were denied very little opportunity in front of our goal. Composed defending and distribution from Tom Messenger, Joe Hope and Max meant wave upon wave of attacks from the Tornadoes. Excellent wing play from Ronan and especially Harrison Birkett eventually paid off with Sam slotting a brace of goals, before Will rounded off a great solo run with a well placed shot beyond the Clubs' goal keeper. All in all, this was a great performance and I was absolutely ecstatic! What particularly pleased me was, despite an awful surface, the boys passed the ball round superbly. In what was probably the worst pitch we've played on all season the lads put in their best passing display of the season. We dominated throughout, worked extremely hard and restricted the chances given to Barr Hill. This result, I hope, will give the lads some confidence and will show them that they are good footballers who can get results when they work hard and perform as a team. All the boys played extremely well, especially Brandon, Joe H, Will and Sam but MOTM went to Harrison whose wing play and crosses in to the box were brilliant.

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