POSTED: May 23 2016 21:04:20. By Wayne Miller - Thunder Bring Home the Cup Again

Saturday 21st May 2016

9.50 kick off

Bury Fc Academy

Beechy Thunder played Moorside Rangers Blue in the supplementary cup final at Bury Fc Academy.
Both teams were disciplined throughout and kept it tight at the back.

Keepers had little to do most of the game due to both defences being on top of their game, Dominic Lawton being the stand out player for Beechy. In the last 10 of this tense affair Both teams upped the tempo to try and get a result but the defences could not be broken down and so a penalty shoot out it was.

All Beechys penalty takers converted their spot kicks with some super strikes and in-form keeper Reiss Miller saved 2 of Moorsides and beechy clinched the victory with a kick to spare.


Jake O'sullivan
Dominc Lawton
Jacob lacey
Liam Cremains

Manager: Wayne Miller

Assistant: Leon leather


Captain jake o'sullivan

Reiss Miller

Sebastian higson

Liam Cremins

Louie Percival

Dominic Lawton

Ishor bajgai

Jacob Lacey

Harvey Walker

Samuel oludoyi

Prince idusuyi

Christopher Pearson

Toanga Mututa

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