POSTED: February 27 2016 15:39:11. By Wayne Miller - Thunder through to Challange Cup Semi Finals

Afc Monton Thunder v Beechfield Thunder

Venue: New Alder Park
Saturday 27th February 2016
9am kick off

Beechy Thunder finally got their quarter final, away to Monton Fc underway. The first half was a tense affair and although Monton had more possession they struggled to breakdown the strong and disciplined Beechy boys. When it was breeched a swift counter attack broke through Montons high line and Samuel Oludoyi calmly slotted home his shot to take Beechy 0-1 up at HT.

The second was tense again but Beechy stood strong and Toanga Mututa put in a first class display with some well timed tackles and clearances. While prince idusuyi and Dominic Lawton were winning the battle in the middle of the park.

Monton capitalised on a well taken corner which somehow was looped into the beechy net, but Beechy showed their pedigree by not panicking and just playing their normal game by making the right choices all over the pitch. Finally the strength of Samuel Oludoyi and prince idusuyi got them in on goal and prince got the last touch to take Beechy back in the lead. Monton kept up the pressure but Beechy stood strong and saw the game out and were rewarded with a place in the semi finals of the challenge cup.

well done boys

keep it up.

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