POSTED: April 23 2016 17:42:52. By Wayne Miller - Barr Hill v Thunder

9.30 kick off

Summerville rd

Thunder played Barr for the fourth time team this season . Apart from a slow start Beechy Somehow found themselves a goal down after 10. But true to form the Beechy boys were patient and knew they would create chances with the attractive football they were playing. The nice link up through the middle was only cancelled out the Bart hill keeper who was quick off his line to quash any attacks.

Beechys defence was solid throughout.

Harvey walker eventually got Beechy off the mark when his shot was deflected in by a Barr hill player.

In The second half Beechy continued to play their game each and everyone of the boys doing their job and but for the heroics of the barf hill defence Beechy should of took the lead as Samuel oludoyi took the ball round the keeper only for it to be cleared off the line. Non the less Beechy kept on pushing. prince idusuyi eventually broke through to put Beechy in the lead. Samuel oludoyi got another not long after. This capped off a very solid and disciplined performance by all.

Well played boys

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