POSTED: October 15 2017 22:00:01. By Nathan Hawthorne - Cadishead away

Game 3 saw us face a new team, and an expected easy win.. First up it's very pleasing to see the whole squad turned up for a second week on the trot and meant competition is high for starting places in the team.
A very poor pitch meant playing good football and stringing a few passes together was difficult but it didn't take us long to get on the scoresheet. A very lively Matthew scored the first followed by nice finishes from Josh,Zane and David who started on the bench, plus another from Matt
5-0 at half time but it could and should of been a lot more... Some very good chances missed and a couple of scares at the back from poor concentration nearly cost us. Luckily liam was on his game today.

Second half we asked for better finishing and another 8 goals came..Matt got another 2 and David a second half hat-trick to make it 4 goals each.. Robert,Will and another well deserved goal from Josh saw us win 13-0..

A very convincing win on a difficult pitch, plus we made a lot of substitutions so we couldn't get much rhythm going..
Liam pretty much played as a lone defender while we pushed forward and not much got past him.. Great to see our captain back in top form.
A lot of chances were missed tho and we need to be more confident in front of goal, a better team would make us pay for those misses.. David,Joel and Will should of made the scoreline bigger..
Quiet games for Lucas, Leo and Mikey but we'll need you in future games.
On to next week and we have a home game with Winton, We need to put a winning run together now so hopefully we can put our chances away..
Well played everyone and thanks for making the effort to get to the game..


Matt x4
David x4
Josh x2
Zane x1
Will x1
Robert x1

MOTM Liam Peers

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