POSTED: February 26 2018 10:35:15. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton blues (home league)

A nice sunny but cold morning, and a hard and bumpy pitch. Yet again we had 4 subs so plenty of changes were made.

From the first whistle we controlled the game, some very good football being played again. The defence looked strong and Leo was very disciplined staying back so we always had 2 in defence with Liam. Mikey started further up and Robert was up and down the line on the left as usual. Zane was looking classy as usual and a nice through ball put kyle in to give us the lead.
Another couple of quick goals from kyle gave him a hat-trick in the first 15 mins. He certainly had his shooting boots on today, some great finishing from Kyle again. When Robert went on one of his runs from left back I'm shouting at him to play the pass, (what do I know) but he carried on. He went past 4 or 5 players before cutting in and placing it in the bottom corner. Superb goal from Roberto Carlos. One piece of poor defending let Winton score a bit of a lucky goal and we went in at half time winning 4-1

Second half was pretty much the same, again we dominated the play. A few changes had been made and every single player contributed to the game once again. David finally got a goal he deserved, then the lively Matthew put Kyle who finished brilliantly for his 4th goal of the game. In the closing stages Mikey put a sweet cross over for Zane to smash the ball home. Zane is the assist master so it's nice for him to grab a goal.

So a very confident and dominant performance from the team,and after coming from behind to get a draw last time we played Winton this was very impressive.
I really believe every player is improving and the consistency is really good.
A big performance from Leo today,doing exactly what was asked of him and there is a chance for him to make that right back position his. Maybe on another day he would of got motm but how can I ignore a striker bagging 4 goals!!

Well done everyone, another victory. Let's hope the weather holds up for next weekend so we can carry on building..

Kyle x4


Final score 7-1

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